About Om

Senior studying Computer Engineering at Drexel University. My senior design is based on layering different machine learning algorithms to help drones adapt to unknown environments without prior flying knowledge. Outside of school I love working on projects that help others and am an avid skier.

Credit to my sister Shree


Fireflies A.I.
2015-2016 Engineering Lead
Designed and built Node.js app that was able to handle over concurrent 10,000 users
Modeled machine learning algorithms to help classify data in messages and emails with 98% success rate
Built website with React.js frontend, Meteor backend, and support for OAuth 2.0
Fireflies Delivery
2014-2015 Software Developer
Developed an iOS application in Swift as client-side with cloud-based backend
Integrated more than 10 APIs including Braintree, Parse, Facebook, Alohar, MapKit, and Fabric
Won awards from Alohar Context-Aware Hackathon and MIT Bitcoin Competition
Lockheed Martin
2015 Digital Signal Processing Engineer
Developed radar signal processing algorithms in MATLAB improving overall simulation accuracy and speed
Refactored legacy code base to improve functionality and performance by 20%
Modeled DSP algorithms for a solid state radar array using Rhapsody
Lockheed Martin
2014 Software Engineer
Developed automated regression software using Sikuli to verify graphical user interface
Built automation software architecture for automation scripts in Jenkins with Bash
Analyzed real-time command system data for networking, firmware, and software issues


Drexel Hyperloop
2016 Initial Controls & Software Lead
Designed initial system architecture that helped the team qualify for the finals
Modeled all Pod subsystems including structural, braking, and power systems
Recruited team of ten students to work on controls and software
2015 Placed 1st
Dragon Hacks 2016: Developed Android controlled drink dispenser
Dragon Hacks 2015: Built Google Glass and Myo controlled quadcopter
Penn Apps 2015: Designed and helped build quadcopter Classic Pong
Current Projects and Research
Now Soon be be published
Improving swarm security with blockchain based policies
NFC Treasure Hunt with hidden puzzle scattered around campus
Blind localization of drones using off-the-shelf sensors and machine learning


I started writing last year about things I experience or find interesting. My articles range from writing about technology to historical events. Feel free to ping me if you want to chat :)



Avid Skier, squash player, runner (especially in the snow and rain), food & beer snob, and an advocate for a more open government.

Credit to Artemis and PRISMA